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A Pirate Casino Heist

Then having “oceans” in the title would make sense.
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ideas for fantasy pirate casino in modified Dark tides of Bilgewater

Hello, I really wanted to run the Dark tides of Bilgewater done by a collaboration of Dndbeyond and Riot Games, For these who don't know it's fairly basic fantasy one-shot in the pirate city on the archipelago. I thought the adventure was pretty lacking so I started building on top of it and basically wrote a campaign that is like 4 short adventures. Where they start with giant money-heist and end by resolving a conflict between Miss Fortune and Gankplank by choosing to side with one of them and fighting the other as a final boss fight. Each adventure will earn the crew a lot of gold and at the end of each one-shot, I wanted the party to head to the casino where they can gamble gold for magic items. It should be super-indulgent giving a lot of strong items but also cost a disgusting amount of gold.
This is where I realized I have no idea how this kind of gambling would look like or work. If anyone has any interesting systems to look into, I would greatly appreciate the help. Actually something like loot boxes could work here.
TLDR: I need to think about several gambling games which are:
- fantasy, weird and with pirate climate
- players pay tons of gold and get a lot of magic items, which will probably make them OP, but that's the point. I just don't want them to always have the chance for some items that are even better than what they have won.
- The games may but don't have to be completely random - there may be some challenges of skill instead. Regardless I want them quirky (maybe something like dart contest in Death Parade) and they certainly don't need to be logical for the casino. I want this to feel overly rewarding like they ate too much candy.
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PIRATES Casino "Golden Cap'n" Videos

Hello Boys and Girls from Rust Faction. My Casino is Opened his Gates at 17.04.2020. It was Amazing and i am glad that so Many People Coming over. I just wonna share with you the Futage i was recorded.
A Grate Band Playing in this Night to and some of them Singing as well . So Check my Video ! and if you wonna that i macke More Video like that, So let me know :)
My Casino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTqgVHimy9A&
The Grand Opening : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJYhCJHGrbE

PS: I using Reddit for the First Time, if i do something wrong, plz let me know to . I am not a Pro User of Reddit :D
**Special Thx on "GameGeared" he give me The Idea to Post that on Reddit**
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[EU]All-female reboots are now part of an extended universe. This time their teams must gather to perform a heist on a ghost-pirate's casino on a deserted island.

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2WinPower Offers Pirated Casino Software

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Hard Rock Cafe - Pirate Casino

Anyone noticed the Hard Rock Cafe logo on the Pirate Casino stage map? Free advertising?
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Gild Tesoro (One Piece: Film Gold) vs Avatar Korra and co (TLk)

R1: In the Bending Arena, no gold for Tesoro save the golden coins in his pocket.
R2: The battle takes place in the pirate Casino
R3: same as R2, but Team Avatar gets prime Toph
Bonus: Gild Tesoro controls Golden Freeza. Can Amon/Korra use a Blood-bending puppet Gohan to defeat him??
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The Pirates of Tion go undercover to smear a casino playboy in Episode VII!

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The games of each of the casino, is usually endorsed by a renowned provider, be wary of those who do not have it

Normally an online casino joins forces with a reputable game provider, because it really wants to offer you the highest quality and invests in technology and tries to offer the best to its players, so if the online casino game provider is not Known and you can not find any reference of them on the internet, be suspicious, a pirate casino would never ally itself with a renowned company, among other things these companies study their clients thoroughly. Learn more about online casinos at https://www.bestonlinecasinogames.com/ and start winning now.

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Pirate Free Spins Pack at Slotocash Casino

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Pirate Spins at Uptown Aces Casino

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The house always wins. Especially when the casino is run by Goblins! From my upcoming RPG Peachleaf Pirates, inspired by games like Monkey Island and Stardew Valley!

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The house always wins. Especially when the casino is run by Goblins! From my upcoming RPG Peachleaf Pirates

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Easy content additions that Rare could implement.

So I think it's fair to say that SoT is an impressive canvas of possibilities. I think the development team feels they put in enough content to warrant the price, but it's clear that there are many people who feel that there is a lot to be desired. That being said, I think there are two types of content people want. Big, dynamic content additions that would likely be harder and longer to implement (like base building or more elaborate progression systems), and easier content that could be implemented with relative ease (like more music to learn/play). Now this list isn't exhaustive, but I think it's at least a start on some content that I feel Rare could add pretty easily and it would make an immediate impact, and then some content that would be bigger and more daunting but that I think the players would love to see over time. (Also I could be super wrong on what is easy and hard, but these things seem like easier things to add with the existing assets and systems)
Easier content to add:
-Races/time trials to destinations -Unexplained mysterious items to discover (add some mystery to the game) -Dangerous creatures patrolling islands (like a bear or a yeti) -Advantageous weapons with limited ammo/use (like a rocket launcher with 3 shots) -Kill count/ship destruction count -A few more ship base model variants -‎cannon skill shots -‎escort missions -‎Heavy Loot/Bounty/escort indicators for other players -‎Music and emotes to earn/buy -‎Fancy Trophy's to show off and place in your boat -‎In-ship cosmetics (chairs, artwork, streamers, fireworks, shuffle board, chess, trophy case)
Harder to add content:
-Main land Base building -Market area to sell goods -Safe zone plaza for community meetups -Fishing for trade and health and objectives -‎a light crafting system -‎Visible daunting forts that are extremely challenging and can only be conquered with team ups or with secret infiltration keys/passcodes -Ability to leave messages in bottle for other players -Team-up options -‎progression for non-combat related items (better scopes, faster shovels, cooler instruments, more powerful food, magical compasses) -‎AI brittish navy-esc ships who act as police (are drawn to events, and hard to take down, patrol areas) -‎pirate casino (dice, blackjack, five finger, etc) -Factions/Guilds to join and rep
New Pirate Group Ideas: -[Darwin's alliance] old-timey point and shoot camera with flora/fauna picture objectives. -‎[Edisons guild] find mysterious artifacts and help construct curious devices like flying machines, land mines, dopplar, enhanced scopes etc. -‎[MadBeards Trials] Crazy/extreme challenges for rewards. Complete missions drunk, with no guns, without your boat, without being seen, etc. -[The Queens Errand] Work as a double agent for the parliament. Collect materials, spy and grab intel, lay traps, and lure other pirates into the empire's clutches.
Anyway just some ideas... Would love to see any of these things in the game. It seems like Rare is committed to updating the game, maybe this community can point them in the right direction.
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Pink hood Cony

I recently got Pink Hood Cony, but when I used her she was terrible: In battle: Don't use Lightning call and I lost lots points
In endless: I acumulated lots of Hood Cony, but when I arrive to Phamotom prision the man with the electric whip kill they.
Pirate Casino: She dies fast
Special Stage: she does not make to much damage to the towers.
Help me please! I used lots of Leonard's of 5 and 6 stars to get her!!! :-( look my team
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973 Slot Pirates Hack Without Offers

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I was a pregnant by a drag queen on a pirate ship casino

I normally don’t remember my dreams but this one was vivid and fresh in my mind when I woke up. I was with a bunch of drag queens running around on an old pirate ship, with lots of stairs, looking for my clothes. But the ship had been converted into a casino/party boat. One of the drag queens was my boyfriend and I found out I was pregnant (having a hysterectomy in three weeks) towards the end so I could only drink champagne. I started yelling at someone then I woke up. So bizarre I had to share with someone!
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Pirates < casino owners

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[42x23] The Stranded Casino [Battlemap][Casino][Pirate][Ship][Jungle]

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This is how bad the economy is:

And, finally…. * I was so depressed last night thinking about the economy, wars, jobs, my savings, Social Security, retirement funds, etc.., I called the Suicide Hotline. I got a call centre in Pakistan, and when I told them I was suicidal, they got all excited, and asked if I could drive a truck.
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Made some connections regarding the corpses on Vespucci Beach. They could be from Catalina Island...

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The 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies, the Minnesota Vikings new stadium, the Trump Taj Mahal casino — all cost more than NASA's New Horizons mission to Pluto.

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Pirate Kingdom Megaways Slot Kazanmak Gibisi Yok Be ...

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